Work Site Evaluations
Work Site Risk Analyses - for employees who may be injured and/or receiving workers' compensation.
Virtual Ergonomic Evaluations
Virtual Ergonomic Classes
Live Ergonomic Classes

Work Site Preventative and Training Evaluations:

Work site assessments identify potential sources/causes of discomfort, pain, and fatigue; and focus on:

  • Improved work practices and techniques
  • Adjustments to the work environment
  • Selection of equipment or furniture as needed

ergonomic man in pain


If equipment is needed, a follow-up session is recommended to ensure your employee learns to use the equipment in accordance to ergonomic principles.

A written summary report is generated for each ergonomic assessment performed.

Work Site Risk Analyses:

Work site risk analyses help your injured worker(s) remain on the job and increase their awareness of safe work practices, and focuses on:

  • Teaching your employee safer work skills
  • Changes to work site design
  • Offers safety tips with special attention paid to OSHA requirements
  • Work site risk analyses include detailed reports and recommendations, including any equipment recommendations, if needed.

Virtual Ergonomic Evaluations:

A virtual ergonomic evaluation goes like this:

  1. Email to schedule an appointment
  2. Tell us a bit about you
  3. You’ll fill out a brief form that will save us time during the call.
  4. You’ll receive a link for a Zoom video conference that we will use for your appointment.
  5. During the evaluation, I will give you customized recommendations for furniture and equipment adjustments, posture and technique corrections and may recommend products that will help you work easier.
  6. I will email you a summary of the recommended products with links.
  7. You have the option of a recording of the call. Just let me know.

Virtual Ergonomic Workshop:

The workshop focuses on best practices and solutions that anyone can use to help your body while working from home. The focus is on low-cost solutions. (ErgoArts receives no compensation for these recommendations.)

The workshop covers basic ergonomic principles including:

  • Ergonomics in general
  • Adjusting the chair for comfort and positioning
  • Adjusting the keying/mousing height and positioning
  • Adjusting monitor height and distance

The workshop comprises an interactive portion and a slide presentation, alternating between the two as we move through the ergonomic concepts.

Option: We can also adjust your work environment during the class as we share our screens and the instructor can see your WFH area.

Prior to the class, you will receive a supply list to have handy prior to the class, with items such as: towels and cushions, nothing fancy, to help set up your home environment.


  • To make your WFH workspace feel more comfortable and to help you to work in a neutral position, in order to reduce your chances of developing a repetitive strain injury.
  • To feel better at the end of your work day.
  • To have more energy at the end of your work day.

Pricing is provided upon request.

Please feel free to email or call 650-224-7294 for more information.

In-person classes

Ergonomic classes help employees identify postures and actions which may cause discomfort or injury. Classes emphasizes injury prevention through awareness of ergonomics principles, and shows how to arrange the workstation to work productively and safely at work and home.

These classes are designed to:

  • Teach employees to work comfortably and efficiently
  • Increase workplace safety
  • Educate and train employees to prevent strain and injury
  • Assist injured employees in continuing work

Classes typically last 90 minutes, but can be tailored to fit your needs.

Pricing is provided upon request.

Please feel free to email or call "650-224-7294 for more information.

So glad that Serafine was able to use Zoom to do a virtual ergonomic assessment! Setting up the right position in my new makeshift home office so that I would not experience neck, lower back or wrist pain was a priority … I am so appreciative that it felt like Serafine was sitting next to me and came up with the right position to ensure I works be pain-free and comfortable!

- Rebecca, a new homeworker