My Favorite Lumbar Support

June 8, 2009

Angel Sales PosturePro Lumbar Support is by far my favorite lumbar support. I use this in my car. It stays in place (my old lumbar support fell out of my car, was lost, and then I found out they don’t make it anymore) therefore there is no adjustment needed every time one gets in and out of their car. It also works particularly well for persons who are on the shorter side of the pendulum who have chairs that have seat pans that are too long for them and do not allow them to sit back in the chair without having a gap in between their seat pan and their back support.

This back support really gets into the lower back (lumbar curve) to support a neutral spine position. It helps one avoid slumping while sitting and helps avoid creating a “C” shape of the spine, which causes the vertebrae to be in non-neutral positions.

And it is very inexpensive!

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