I don’t need a professional ergonomist. I can just buy this keyboard and it will solve my problem

…. but will it?

August 3, 2021

Get a different perspective by having a trained professional look at your work area vs. purchasing a product…..a big picture view. This helps to bring clarity to your whole work area and helps your company save money.

Ergonomics utilizes the science of designing a job environment to fit the worker, instead of expecting the worker to fit the job. Tasks, tools, equipment, and workplace layouts are studied and optimized for a safe and efficient work environment.

When employees consistently use awkward postures or excessive force, they may be at increased risk of developing Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI). Resulting pain and discomfort can adversely affect productivity and may cause short or long-term problems.

We approach buying services differently than we do purchasing products.  It is helpful to ask ourselves: Do I think this product will solve my problems? Do I need training to use this product correctly? Maybe I need help overall? Maybe the product is not the solution? Will a service solve the problem? 

People tend to resort to services as a last resort when they cannot do something on their own. How do you feel about services? 

Where do Ergonomic Services come into play?

“I don't need a professional. I can just buy this new keyboard. That will solve my problem.” Will it? How do you know the keyboard is the problem? Maybe it’s because your desk is too high. Maybe the keyboard you have is fine. You do not know. Maybe you are throwing solutions at problem you do not know how to solve because it feels faster than calling in a professional?

A properly designed work environment protects employees from injury and saves company funds in many ways. 

Here is an example: If you are creating a new reception area for your organization, it is advisable to make that reception area adjustable. So many reception areas I see are “built in.” Anything that is “built in” is not adjustable in any way, shape or form and can be a poor purchasing decision. Let's say you install your “built in” table at the reception area at 31” high. You hire a 5’ tall receptionist. She needs to type at 26”, if she is a touch typist, so her “built in” desk is 4” too high for her to work within the ergonomic guidelines for her specific neutral posture. If receptionist works in this awkward position she will be increasing her risk of a musculoskeletal issue at some point in time. So you say, just “build in” at 26” high, well what happens during breaks and the 6’ tall person come by to use that same work station or your receptionist leaves and you hire another one who will have their own specific neutral posture? You got it, it won’t “fit” them. 

Ergonomic evaluations provide valuable information to each and every client I see. 


In it I talk about what people learn when they have an ergonomic evaluation. Here are the key takeaways:

  • Ergonomics looks at the whole picture.
  • After looking at the whole picture then we can problem solve.
  • Learning what neutral posture is.
  • Learning to work in that position.
  • I review their entire work area. If you have pain in your hands, how do you know your keyboard is what is causing it? 

What an ergonomic assessment includes, is another person viewing what you are doing and HOW you are doing it. You cannot do that for yourself. I know I cannot. By having a trained professional look at your work area you are getting a different perspective. A big picture view. This helps to bring clarity to the whole situation!

If you are uncertain if you or your entire staff need an ergonomic evaluation Ergoarts can, upon your request, send out a discomfort survey to determine priority of issues/concerns allowing for longterm planning and budget friendly options.

If you are planning an office redesign, reach out to Ergoarts prior to ensure you get the best products that are actually usable for your employees.

Make sense? Have questions? Ready for or want more info for an ergonomic evaluation? Contact me, I am here to listen:


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