Hybrid Work: Is your company considering transiting to a Hybrid Work model?

March 10, 2022

As workplaces start to reopen, organizations are finding that their workforce is not keen to give up remote work.

Are there concerns on how this is going to work?
Do you wonder how to retain employees? 

Here are things to consider that will help you retain employees, and keep them physically healthy.


BEFORE deciding on what your company wants to do when it comes to structuring hybrid work model, it is essential, and vital, to incorporate ergonomics into the planning stages of this design.

Ask your leaders these questions:

  1. Will employees keep their existing cubes or workspaces?
  2. Will your company move to shared cubes/workspaces?
    1. If shared cubes will your company provide:
      1. Adjustable desk?
      2. Adjustable chair?
      3. Docking station?
    2. Will your company invest in training your employees to use this equipment according to the principles of neutral posture?
    3. Will your company stress the importance of adjusting equipment DAILY, since this will be a shared workspace?

These are essential and vital things to consider when designing your companies hybrid work plan.


And of course you need to consider where people are working from home.

  1. Do they have a dedicated desk that suits their neutral position?
  2. Do they have an adjustable chair to suit their neutral position?
  3. Do they have a docking station with external monitor set up in their home?

These are essential to physical well being while working from home.

Reach out to me for classes, training information and individual ergonomic evaluations to you and your staff.


I can help to insure you will obtain truly adjustable furniture when designing your hybrid workstations.

There are products out there that say adjustable but will they actually adjust to suit your employees?

A lot of bad purchasing decisions are made because of lack of knowledge by the team to insure proper equipment is obtained.

I can help you save money by purchasing things once and not have to repurchase after bad purchasing decisions.


You and your staff deserve to work pain free ALL the time.

It is a right!


Schedule a 15 minute time to talk 

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