Do you wag your wrist while mousing? How do you use your computer mouse?

June 22, 2022

How many hours a day are you using your computer these days? Typically when I ask those I evaluate I hear 6-10 hours a day! That is a lot of computer use. A lot of upper body usage.

Therefore it is important to keep in mind how to use your mouse using neutral posture principles to keep your upper body, including your hands and wrists happy and healthy.

I would say that about 90% of the people I have evaluated use their mouse incorrectly. Therefore there is a lot of opportunity for improvement, especially since this is something most people do almost every day in our current society. 

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Typical incorrect postures I see:

  • Reaching with the elbow to get to the mouse
  • Planting the wrist on the table surface
  • Pivoting the wrist to the pinky then the thumb
  • Holding the middle finger up in the air so as not to accidentally hit the middle button on the mouse
  • Gripping the mouse with the pinky and the thumb
  • Using palm supports
  • And more!

Here are a few tips to use your mouse using neutral posture principles:

  • Avoid reaching for the mouse (move it closer to you!)
  • Avoid twisting at the wrist when mousing
  • Palm mouse
  • Keep fingers relaxed
  • Initiate movement from shoulder
  • Pivot from the elbow to get to the mouse.

Need more help? Reach out to me to set up a time for us to do a one-on-one ergonomic evaluation for you or your staff - live or virtual.  Ergonomic classes also available both live and virtual.

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