Basic Ergonomic Fundamentals

February 9, 2023

Watch my Nov. 22 presentation for the ASSP meeting and 

Learning How to do Computer Workstation Evaluations In Person and Virtual

Aches and pains during lockdown actually increased:

  • More than 1/3 reported more aches, pain and discomforts in the neck (37%) and back (35%) than usual. 
  • An increased level of fatigue was seen at 42% 
    from: Wellbeing under lockdown, Occupational Health at work
  • With two in five workers reporting new pain or increased pain in their shoulders, back or wrists, it’s time to make home workstations more ergonomically sound.  Ergo Pandemic Study: Chubb

Watch the presentation and learn how to keep your employees safe!

Want more assistance? Reach out to me and I can come in or virtually assess your employees work area!

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