As a graphic designer, I developed a repetitive strain injury resulting from excessive work with a computer mouse. I retrained as an ergonomist, graduating from San Jose State University with a Masters degree in Human Factors and Ergonomics. My undergraduate degree is in fine arts. Hence ErgoArts - 2 sides of me!

I have 20 years of hands on experience as a professional ergonomics consultant for companies of all sizes, and individuals working from home. I have helped injured employees return to work and guides companies into compliance with OSHA standards. My approximate 20,000 assessments take place in a range of environments including business offices, schools, people building airplanes, and so on. I consulted on ergonomic tool/equipment design projects, and created illustrations of repetitive strain injuries for a training manual. I made ergonomic teaching videos for the new work from home population (WFH), presented at GOSH, ASSP, SWCA.

I am a member of Puget Sound Human Factors & Ergonomics Society, and the Bay Area Ergonomic Roundtable.

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Thank you so much for your time in the assessment. As always you were professional, helpful and compassionate which makes the evaluation rewarding. I have learned a great deal from you and your instructions. With a heart filled gratitude, many thank you's!

- Raquel T

Instructional Administrative Assistant, PCC